Bikinis Thongs

Bikinis thongs also known as thong bikinis are one of the sexiest swim apparel in the market today.  These bathing suits permit full coverage of the groin area while providing little coverage for the buttocks.

Thongs were originally called the V-strings.  If you were to trace the origin of this clothing, it is said that it is one of the earliest forms of underwear.  The primitive loincloth, worn by men, is similar to it with a pouch to cover the front area and a strap to connect the loincloth to the back portion of the waistband.  This is an interesting fact since, at present, wearing thongs is commonly associated to women.

The modern bikini that uses this particular design was introduced in 1974 by designer Rudy Gernreich.  This became popular in Brazil and in some parts of South America.  The term was derived from the Old English word “thwong,” which means a flexible cord.

Bikinis Thongs

Advantages of wearing this bikini bottom

The main advantage of wearing this bikini bottom is that there is no visible panty line even if the other clothing is made from sheer or light-colored material.  In the beach, the advantage of using one is getting a uniform tan.  Some women prefer to wear these bikinis to have attention-catching tan lines that they expose after their beach holiday.  On the other hand, there are also women who choose these sexy swimwear designs that will get them tan lines that stay hidden even if they show off some skin.  This will give the illusion that they got their tan by being naked under the sun or by wearing sheer swimwear.


While this term is used to refer to bikini bottoms that have a string that join the front area to the back portion of the strap, there are various designs of this piece of clothing.  The traditional style has a strip of material that joins the front part and the waistband.  The G-string, on the other hand, only has a string (instead of a strip) to join the front portion to the waistband.  The V-string is quite similar to the G-string, except that before the string approaches the waistband, it splits into two, forming a V shape.  Instead of just a V shape formed by the strings, there may also be a triangular piece of cloth at the back.  The T-back uses a strip of cloth to form the letter T at the back.  C-strings, on the other hand, are special forms that have no waistbands.  They are held in place using a flexible frame and are used to eliminate tan and panty lines.

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