Bikinis Mesh Thongs

Bikinis mesh thongs are swimwear options for very daring women who would like to get that perfect tan while spending their summer on the beach.  Women who would like to grab some attention would also wear this type of swim apparel to make them stand out from the crowd.

Why women wear thongs

There are four reasons for women to wear mesh thongs.  First, some would like to tan without the existence of tan lines.  Second, the material dries up easily, which makes it best for women who swim and also spend time in the sand.  Mesh swimsuits are also easy to store and carry that they can even be contained in a small purse.  This swimwear also makes the woman the center of the attention of all the other people in the resort.

When cover up is necessary

Although there are several advantages to wearing skimpy bikinis, there might also be times that women will want not to reveal this sheer piece of clothing.  It may be because you found out that the resort rules do not permit such clothing.  Or, it could be that you suddenly felt a bit cold.  Another reason for this extra discretion is when entering a restaurant in the resort.  Lastly, if you have been getting attention that you can no longer handle, an extra piece of clothing could save you.

Cover up options

Hiding your sexy bathing suits from everyone’s eyes doesn’t mean that you have to look unfashionable and unsexy.  There are various options that still allow you to flaunt your figure and expose enough skin while soaking in the sun.  Here are some of them:

* Board shorts – Wearing board shorts over your mesh bikini allows you to flaunt your abs and your breast and shoulders while you draw attention away from your bottom.  Board shorts are available in various colors and designs to match your swimwear.

* Skirts – You may also hide your bottom piece using a short skirt that is still eye catching.  This will still give you that sexy look with the skirt that flows as you walk or as the wind blows.

* Shirt or tank top – If you would like to cover your mesh bikini top, you may opt for a shirt or a tank top that clings to your body.

* Sarong – This piece can provide you with a variety of options.  You may use it for just the bottom, the top, or your whole swimsuit.