Bikinis Micro Thongs

If you think that two-piece swimsuits are so sexy, wait till you hear about bikinis micro thongs.  These provide only enough coverage for the groin area and barely covers the buttocks. You could say that this is not for the faint of heart since it takes a lot of confidence and guts to stay out on the beach in this piece of micro.  To prepare you for your beach getaway, here are some tips:

* Lose some pounds to look even sexier in your bikini.

If you have some excess pounds that you have always wanted to lose, now is the right time to give slimming down the attention that it needs.  Choose a diet that will help you achieve your target in time for your beach getaway.  Couple the diet with an exercise program that will help you burn your calories quickly.  Exercise will also get your muscles toned for an even more attractive figure when you wear your two-piece.

* Choose the color and print that will suit your body type.

You should know that there are colors that match your skin tone, which may be classified into warm, cool, and neutral.  Know under which type your skin tone falls to choose a swimsuit with a suitable color.  There are also certain color shades that can make you look larger or smaller.  Prints can also work some magic in enhancing the way that your body looks.  Large prints, small prints, and stripes create various illusions to make you even more attractive.

* Try out the thong before heading off to the beach.

Before you start flaunting your figure, try out your swimwear in your room.  If front of a mirror, see how it looks on you.  Make sure that you are only showing the body parts that you would like to show off.  If you are unsure, ask for the opinion of a friend.  In case you are having second thoughts about wearing a skimpy pair, you may get yourself some board shorts, skirts, or a sarong to cover some skin.

* Check out the local and resort’s regulations.

There are cities and resorts that have rules about wearing bikinis.  Some resorts advise that wearing thongs should not be done in family areas of the resorts.  There are also beaches in conservative countries that might not permit wearing daring swimwer in public swimming areas.  To be sure, do your research before your trip.