Bikinis Mini Thongs

Bikinis mini thongs are great to see on a woman who has the body for wearing this type of sexy swimwear.  However, if you do not have that perfectly proportioned figure, it should not be the reason for you not to wear a bikini. Match your swimsuit with your body shape is the key in looking good. Here are some tips that are classified according to the common problems of ladies regarding their shape and figure.

Apple-shaped bodies

For those with apple shaped figures, the key is to find a way to create the illusion of a small waist.  Get one with a belt, bow or ruffle to highlight the waist.  However, if your problem is that you have a big tummy, opt for designs that will not draw attention to your waist.  A tankini will give you enough coverage but is still fashionable enough to be worn amidst a modern crowd.


If your thighs are your problem, choose a bikini that may be tied at the upper part of the hips.  This will create the look of having longer and thinner legs.  This trick may be used by women of different clothing sizes.  On the other hand, girls with large bottoms should opt for smaller bikini bottoms.  Wearing shorts will only work on a person with longer legs.  By wearing small bikinis, you will create that image of a smaller bottom.  Choose a bikini bottom that is made of Lycra.  This tight material will give you a lift at the right place, which will enhance your body contour.

Tiny tops

Women with small breasts and narrow shoulders may wear almost any type and cut of swimwear.  If they want to enhance the shape of their figures, they may opt for padded tops to give them a bustier look.  Frills and other decorative designs also work wonders for those with smaller breasts.


Girls who have large bosoms also have a variety of options when it comes to the cuts of their swimwear.  However, they should stay away from too decorative tops, unless they would like to create the look of having larger breasts.  Those who have this particular shape should also look for maximum support especially if they intend to be sporty while at the beach.  The common designs for top-heavy females are bandeau and halter tops.  However, if you would like to hide some skin, a tankini is a good option.