Bikinis Sheer Thongs

Bikini sheer thongs are made from very light fabric that is similar to a very fine net.  When dry, this kind of swimsuit appears to be semi-transparent, especially when under the sun.  When wet, the bathing suit clings to the body and becomes even more transparent while following the contours of the body.

Advantages of wearing a sheer thong

* The primary advantage in wearing this type of swimsuit is that you get to have that almost even tan without any tan lines.  Because of the many small holes in the fabric materials of this kind of beachwear, the sun can penetrate the swimwear, allowing you to have almost the same shade of tan even in the covered areas.  This is best for people who do not like the idea of exposing tan lines when they wear revealing clothes.

* Another advantage of wearing this kind of bikini is that it dries faster compared with other types of swimwear.  You do not have to spend much time soaking in a wet swimsuit.  The material used for this swimwear is so light that it holds less amounts of water as opposed to thicker swimsuits that also tend to be heavier when getting out of the water.  Because of the light material, it also takes very little space when you are packing your bags for the holiday.

* Get attention – a lot of it – while wearing this particular thong design.  You will draw the eyes of men and women as you strut the shores in this skimpy beachwear.  Just be prepared for the men who will stare and who might even approach you while you are in this type of bathing suit.

The attitude

This is definitely not for the modest and also not for someone without guts.  If you do not have the confidence to wear this type of material, don’t even risk wearing it if you will just keep on tugging or consciously covering your swimsuit.  Wear only the type of swimwear that you are comfortable to be seen in.

A cover up plan

There are resorts that do not allow the wearing of any sheer swimwear or too revealing bikinis.  Therefore, it would be best if you have another option in case this happens.  Having shorts, a sarong, a shirt, or a skirt can provide cover up options that can still allow you to be comfortably sexy.  You might also need to cover up if you are getting too much attention, which is more than what you can handle.